Thursday, February 28, 2002

Well I’m back. Who could have imagined that today could be even worse than yesterday. I can now tell you beyond a doubt that UCI (The University of California Irvine) Sucks.

Yesterday I told you all that the UCI parking office said that my car that had been booted would not be towed. Well low and behold when my terrific boyfriend dropped me off at work this morning my car was gone! It had been towed to a lot for safekeeping.

As soon as I got into the office I called the parking people and asked why my car had been towed when they had told me yesterday that it would not be. A different person from yesterday answered and said that the previous person had been wrong and should not have told me that. Will I ever be able to find someone competent to speak to?

I asked them why they towed my car while the tickets were still in review. The woman then told me that since I had not placed my review in by 21 days of receiving the tickets they would not even look at my request. When I asked how was I supposed to request a review if I did not even know about the tickets she replied, “that is your fault”. Next she stated that they had sent out a notice about the tickets (which I did not receive) and because they did that it was out of their hands. WHAT BULL! If they had sent it certified mail then they could say that I got it. Just because something is mailed does not mean that it is received.

So now I owe UCI $1,060 for tickets that I never should have received. The real kicker is that I also owe 175.00 to the towing company for their picking it up and storing it and they will charge me another $60.00 a day until I pick it up and pay UCI the $1.060. This pretty much forces me to pay them the money. I don’t know about you but this sounds like ransom to me. Maybe I am paying for new floor in one of the university’s future parking structures.

I fired off a letter to the President of the University and the head of the parking enforcement to ask for their intercession in this matter. Hopefully someone higher up in the university can help me with this matter. I have a feeling though that I will have to take matters into my own hands and seek the help of the courts. It’s situations like this that really anger citizens and turn them against authority. I know that from now on I will have more disgust for government bureaucrats. I also now know that I would not send any children I might have to a public university. What the government does not realize is that the more people the government pisses off the easier it will be for the people to finally resort to changing things for good.

So who wants to join me?

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