Monday, August 27, 2007

Well, that's one way to keep people quiet:

Below, I mentioned how remarkable it was that the University of California mistreated patients, bodies, and money, and that, for the most part, no one ever talked. Well, here's a story of someone who had apparently begun to talk.

This summer marks 1 year since the death of Denise Denton, the chancellor of UC Santa Cruz. Chancellor Denton had been involved in the "unauthorized compensation" scandal described below. She had been authorized to receive $275,000 per year from the University of California, but it appears that she was actually receiving aproximately 1 million dollars a year in total goods and services while she was the Chancellor of UC Santa Cruz.

Investigators were apparently talking to Chancellor Denton. She was 45 years old, and in a promising academic career. She did have a history of depression, for which she'd been hospitalized, but,on June 23, 2006, she'd apparently been assessed as not a danger to herself or others . As stated above, she was apparently being questioned by investigators regarding her role in the "unauthorized compensation" scandal that was then being investigated. It is unknown how forthcoming she was with those investigators.

Then she fell off a building.

On June 24, 2006, Denise Denton fell 40 stories from the Paramount apartment building where she maintained a San Francisco residence. The official cause of death is suicide.

Read the posts below this one, and, as always, make up your own mind.

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