Monday, January 10, 2011

Standing up for freedom in the face of heartbreaking tragedy:

"This shouldn't happen in this country, or anywhere else, but in a free society, we're going to be subject to people like this. I prefer this to the alternative."
John Green, father of Christina Green, discussing Christina's murder by Jared Lee Loughner just two days previous.

Plenty of other people have said it, and my own poor comment really amounts to nothing compared to Mr. Green's resolute, calm, and eloquent defense of freedom in the face of the worst possible event a parent can face. Still, I add my voice to those recognizing Mr. John Green:

Mr. Green is a better man than I. I've dedicated this blog to trying to make sense of it all ... and Mr. Green, even after his sudden roller coaster ride into hell, makes more sense out of tragedy than I could ever imagine. He's an inspiration to us all. Further, with his few words, he may have just done more to thwart the destruction of the Republic than all but a handful of men in history. God bless you, Mr. Green.

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