Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Multi million dollar embezzlement, mass death in a fake transplant program, lethal research without the knowledge or consent of the research subjects, consorting with Yakuza, selling people's children, selling cadavers just wasn't enough. Now connections to terrorism.

I bet someone got a good laugh over the fact that university personnel funded a meeting with Hamas (!) partly by diverting money from Jewish donor groups.

Also, there is fairly explicit evidence of how the omerta upon which I've remarked before gets started. University personnel allegedly directed everyone involved in this event, from undergraduate students to University staff, to lie to their families (parents) and to US and foreign government officials (INS / border guards) regarding the trip. That's a pretty good clue as to what motivates omerta at the University of California.

Really. I thought I had lost the ability to be amazed by the news from the University of California. Every time I think that, they just step up their game. How do they keep on thinking up such new and horrible things to do?

Update: if the facts of the lawsuit described here are true, then someone at UC Berkeley may also be getting a good laugh over recent events.

Another update: and then there's this.

Another addition: and then there's the University non-punishment of the "Irvine 11," students from UC Irvine and UC Riverside who disrupted a speech by the Israeli Ambassador Oren in 2010. The University did nothing substantial to stop or punish that behavior. By contrast, the local DA, a grand jury, and eventually a regular jury, all agreed that the "Irvine 11" behavior was so egregious as to warrant 10 criminal convictions, as described here.

Another addition: an interesting article, relevant to the rest of this post, here: California's Most Anti-Semitic College

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