Sunday, July 22, 2012

The "culture of noncompliance with the law" apparently lives on. Wasn't this the sort of thing that eventually got attention when Josef Mengele did it?

It's certainly reminiscent of the Nuchterlin-Gitlin schizophrenia studies at the University of California Los Angeles (another lethal study with "consent" from research subjects who apparently didn't quite understand that they were in a research program), except that this latest event is associated with three deaths, instead of the one death and multiple psychotic breaks of the the Nuchterlin-Gitlin studies.

Drs. Muizelaar and Schrot claim they got "consent" to intentionally infect patient's open head wounds with bacteria.  This "consent" had given by patients with known brain damage.  The University, in the face of an NIH audit, banned Muizelaar and Schrot from human research, but also promoted Dr. Muizelaar to an endowed chair. Wow.  Simply wow.  

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